El Nido, Palawan: What's Not to Love?

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I had been curious on how beautiful of a paradise El Nido in Palawan could be. I heard of it once when I was younger on a TV commercial - win a date with a popular handsome actor - with the towering limestone formation in the background. Who could ever resist that? And yes, I am referring to the charming El Nido.

So when we scored a promo fare bound for Puerto Princesa, I excitedly planned for it and made reservations; tagging along with me my very own handsome non-showbiz boyfriend (haha!).

El Nido is really beautiful, I tell you. My words wouldn't do justice so I encourage you to visit the place and experience enchanting El Nido first hand. Let these pictures and the succeeding posts convince you that El Nido could just be your very own heaven here on Earth.

1.  Where is El Nido, Palawan? 
El Nido is a quaint little town nestled by limestone formations found at the northernmost tip of Palawan - a province that is sitting right next to South China Sea. It could be conveniently reached by plane from Cebu or Manila to Puerto Princesa - Palawan’s capital city. From Puerto Princesa, El Nido is just 5-6 bus/van ride away.

The tiny town of El Nido from a distance.

2.  What to do in El Nido?
There are tons of things you can do in El Nido and you’ll feel that you’ll keep on coming back for more.

Go Island Hopping. This is a must do activity as El Nido is situated in Bacuit bay with quite a number of uninhabited islands. There are four standard island hopping tour packages to choose from and you can avail any of these from the numerous tour operators you can find along the bay or you can book one online if you are going during the peak season like we did. We booked ours with Northern Hope Tours.

 Dozens of outrigger boats by the bay waiting for tourists.

That's our tour guide, Kuya Lito, resting from a day of island hopping.

Taraw Cliff Climbing. An activity that I failed to do and sourly regret! But for the able-bodied and the adventurous, this is an activity best done during sunrise. The majestic view of El Nido town and Bacuit bay beyond is worth all the sweat and ache from the climb. Getting a guide is strongly recommended.

Beach Bumming. Who doesn’t want to chill by the beach on a hammock sipping some fresh buko juice or sunbathing by the shore’s fine white sand? In El Nido, you can do these and more as there are beautiful beaches a few minutes drive away from the town center.

Enjoying my fresh buko juice on a hammock. Sweet life!

Or you may choose to chill and meet new friends at any of the bars by the shore.

Diving. There are over 30 dive sites in El Nido so if you are a diver and want to appreciate the underwater world and its creatures, you’ll never regret doing this! But if diving is not your thing, snorkeling can be the next best activity too.

Snorkeling in the crystal clear turquoise water. Better bring your underwater camera!


Here is a sample itinerary to maximize your time in El Nido.

DAY 0:

Arrival in Puerto Princesa
Travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido

DAY 1:

El Nido Tour A

DAY 2:

El Nido Tour C

DAY 3:

Taraw Cliff Climbing at the break of dawn
Nacpan Beach or Marimegmeg Beach in the afternoon, whatever suits your fancy

DAY 4:

Back to Puerto Princesa
Departure for home


El Nido Tour A (1,200 php)
El Nido Tour C (1,400 php) 
Taraw Cliff Climbing (350 php/pax)
Nacpan Beach for trike (1,500 php/4pax)
Transportation Roundtrip (1,200 php)
Accommodation (500/pax/night)
Food (800/pax/4 days)

TOTAL: 7, 950

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