El Nido Tour C: Of Shrines and Stunning Beaches

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Waking up in El Nido to the sound of the roosters crowing at a distance made me feel like it was just part of a dream. I took a peek outside and saw the sun shining brightly over the Taraw Cliff looming over at a distance. Since it was too early, we decided to walk around the town looking for something to eat and was surprised to discover how tiny the town is. You'll be able to tour the town center by foot!

We met with the tour guide and the rest of the group by the shore near where we were staying and I saw that there were a dozen or so outrigger boats lined up waiting for the other tourists. We went there early March so imagine how crowded it will be during summer.

The day had been set for Tour C and so off we go to discover the pristine beaches and shrine El Nido has to offer!


Definitely a hidden gem in one of the many islands in Bacuit bay. Look at how the fine white sand glisten under the sun. We can't help but  pause and stare in awe of such beauty! If only we could stay here all day.

Tourists leaving the Hidden Beach.

Since it was low tide, we had to walk for a few minutes to get to this gorgeous beach surrounded by tall karst walls.  I can't believe how long and huge the walls are and once you reach the cove, you'd definitely be in for a pleasant surprise. 

What an amazing view! And I will say "amazing" a thousand times over.


There used to be a mansion and a shrine owned by a German and his Filipina wife in this heart-shaped island of Matinloc. History has it that the German had a dream of Mother Mary telling him to build a shrine in Her honor. But soon after, the couple separated and all that’s left are tattered remains of a once glorious past.

Mama Mary's grotto. Behind the grotto, there are three crosses on the ground. Not sure if they are graves or what but if you go farther, you'll reach a small beach where some would stop for lunch.

Don't be afraid to climb those steep, sharp rocks. I promise you, the view is rewarding.

After several minutes of letting us wander and explore the place on our own, the guide called us out and asked us if we wanted to go up the makeshift stairs on the side of a large karst wall. I was hesitant at first. I'm not really the athletic type of girl plus I'm afraid my short legs can't handle the pointed rocks all over but I thought to myself, if I don't go now then I'd go home wishing I had been braver to do it.

 The best view we had in all of El Nido. Definitely one for the books.


Since Star Beach was already crowded with tourists for lunch time, our boatman decided to head off to a deserted beach so we can enjoy it more to ourselves. Lunch was great! Seafood overload. How I wish I had taken a snap of the mouthwatering spread to show to you, guys!


And a secret beach indeed! To see this, you would have to go through an underwater passageway to get to the other side. One of the guides was an amazing diver! He could swim through an underwater rock tunnel two minutes long with only a pair of makeshift wooden flippers while I was up there struggling with my snorkeling gear and life jacket. LOL


The island really looked like a helicopter from afar. Not wanting to be outdone by the other islands, it also boasts of fine white sand and clear turquoise waters and I should say, this is the highlight of the day in terms of beach bumming, swimming and snorkeling.

This was the island we spent the most time in and we surely swam to our hearts’ content and built castles and abstract figures with its fine white sand. I couldn’t help but just lie down and watch the misty outlines of the other islands fade in the horizon as the wave gently crash into the shore.

Yes, that's me thoroughly enjoying the water. I may not know how to swim but who's to say I can't have fun? Thank you for the awesome day, El Nido.

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