Gastronomic Delight: Palawan's Tamilok

by - 6:24 PM

Palawan's must-try delicacy Tamilok

Tamilok or “wood worm”, as some would call it, is an exotic delicacy you can find in Palawan. I wasn’t that keen in trying out this sought after dish because I admit, I kinda freaked out with the word “worm”. I haven’t given it much thought not until when a vendor offered this while we were having our buffet lunch in Sabang Beach during our Underground River tour.

Well.. Tamilok does look like a worm with its soft, slimy, elongated body but it isn’t really a worm but a mollusk you can find in dead mangroves. A local said that there used to be an abundant supply of these sought-after aphrodisiac creatures in the area but as the demand went up, it is slowly becoming scarce and expensive too.

This gastronomic delight is often served as a ceviche (kinilaw in local terms) - a mixture of vinegar, onion, chili and lemon juice -  while some prefer to eat it raw. It tastes pretty much like oysters or clams and is said to be a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Tamilok kagilok (ticklish) is worth the try when in Palawan.

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