Puerto Princesa, Palawan: From Baker's Hill with Love

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Travelling to places will never be complete without the pasalubong (bring home goodies). Everytime I visit a new place and when my budget allows, I try my best to buy a little something - be it trinkets, keychains, or food delicacies - for my folks back home. It just feels right sharing something from my travels; it is as if sharing a part of that place will bring them there too somehow. And I have always believed that happiness shared is like multiplying happiness a hundredfold.

Aside from the pearl earrings and necklaces you can buy dirt cheap in Palawan, you can also opt to giving out delectable food delicacies like hopia, crinkles, and other pastries the Palaweños offer. So without a doubt, Baker’s Hill is the place to be!

We reached Puerto Princesa City from El Nido at around 2 in the afternoon. After checking in at Go Hotels near Robinson’s Mall, we hailed a pedicab to take us to Baker’s Hill. The driver tried negotiating for 600 pesos the entire city tour package but we declined because our mind had been set to saving our remaining funds for pasalubong plus we were a bit tired from the 5-6 hours of van ride from El Nido.

Welcome to Baker's Hill, mate!

Baker’s Hill is a bit far from the city center so taking a cab or hiring a tricycle for a fixed negotiated fee is the way to go. You may also avail of the city tour package being offered by most travel agencies and local trike drivers if you have more time and moolah to spare.

The picture above is the structure where their baked goodies are sold.

My first thought when I saw Baker's Hill facade was that it reminds me of America's beautiful homes or that of a high end village here in the Philippines. When you enter the place, you'll smell all the yummy goodness and you can't help but want to try everything. I bought hopia (their specialty), crinkles, and brownies.

Looks like Marilyn is in charge of welcoming guests at the restaurant in Baker's Hill!

What I thought of at first as just an ordinary pasalubong center turned out be a mini attraction park in itself. If you walk a little past the bakeshop you will see various statues scattered all over the place.

Apparently, Puss in Boots is a pet of Shrek's family! lol

Totem Poles reminiscent of the Mayan Culture.

Kids of all ages will truly enjoy the playground. But where are all the kids?

Maybe the kids were eaten by the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Oh no!

And then finally the Zen garden where you can relax and meditate.

Tourists and locals alike flock to Baker's Hill not only for the delicious delicacies but also for its attractions perfect for some quality family bonding time. If you are in Palawan, Baker's Hill should be part of your list.

Note: The trike negotiated fare was 150 pesos including a quick trip to a couple of pearl stores, the Cathedral, and Plaza Cuartel at the downtown area.

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