Daraga, Albay: The Mayon Volcano Lava Trail ATV Adventure

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Who would have thought that a group of 4 petite girls would be brave enough to trace Mt. Mayon's lava trail in the guise of a seemingly harmless ATV adventure? Well.. Guess who runs the world? GIRLS! 

I was lost in thought as I imagined us girls as the dwarves and hobbits of the Shire as we journeyed towards the Lonely Mountain on board our all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in search of treasures that Smaug the dragon was hiding. At every twist and turn, we readied ourselves for the unforeseen foe, swords and knives ready, bodies poised for attack, always ready to defend ourselves and the glory of the kingdom we were bearing.

Suddenly, I lost grip of one of the handles and was thrown a little to the side of my ATV seat. I jolted back to reality and realized I had hit a pothole of dirt as I was crazily charging on speed, leaving the tour guide worried as he hurried towards me to check if I was okay. I told him, "I'm okay, Kuya" with a sheepish grin. Well, I better should stop imagining things lest I die here in Mt. Mayon and be an urban legend as a crazy tourist! haha

The Cagsawa Trail ATV Challenge

But it sure was an epic adventure as we drove our own ATVs across rivers, dirt, and huge boulders with one goal in sight: to get closer to Mayon Volcano. It was my first time to drive an ATV and good thing they let us practice for 30 minutes on a shallow riverbed before we headed towards the real thing.

Practice makes perfect. Not bad for a first timer!

It was already almost lunch time and the sun was piercing through what little protection we had but the scorching heat didn't stop us to be the alpha females that we were (ahem). It drizzled a little at some point of the adventure and it felt as though Mt. Mayon was trying to test if our intentions of seeing her were pure (they say, she only shows herself to those with pure hearts). 

The Cagsawa Trail ATV Challenge is the easiest and cheapest among all the types of ATV adventures in Bicol. Though short, this adrenaline-pumping activity is best for first timers and those who we are pressed with time (like us).

Though we didn't find the treasures that Smaug was hiding, we sure got rewarded with a postcard-perfect view of Mayon and the realization that us girls can run the world!

I know the pictures don't give justice to the awesome experience we had and the beautiful scenery we've seen. To try this ultimate Mayon challenge, you can book yours with Bicol Adventure ATV .

Rates were as follows:
Cagsawa Short Trail - Php 699
Green Lava Wall Trail - Php 1,500
Cagsawa-Lava Wall Trail - Php 1,850

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