Hala Paella (Cebu, Philippines): The Best Paella in Town

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Hala Paella is the newest restaurant craze to hit Cebu. I’ve been seeing a lot of this restaurant’s photos in my Instagram feed that I vowed to myself I’ll swing by whenever I find myself in Banilad. This instagram-worthy food place is actually located in Banilad Town Center, right in front of Dimsum Break.

Paella is a Spanish dish made of rice seasoned with paprika and saffron (which gives its golden color) and topped with seafood, meat, chorizo, or vegetables. I’ve had my first fill of Paella when my aunt made this at home and it has been a long time since then.

The rustic, homey, and well thought-out interior of this tiny restaurant probably made this unique from the rest - aside from the fact that it also serves a usually expensive dish at an affordable price.

Take your pick! Great to have it solo or have it shared with your family.

With just about a hundred pesos, you’ll get the chance to eat one pan-full of paella goodness with 6 different flavors to choose from, namely: chorizo, aligue, negra, lechon, valenciana, and pollo. 

Pan sizes and prices vary from solo (1 person), grande (2-3 persons), to familia (4-5 persons) servings. Aside from paella, they are also serving calamares (Php 88), Gambas (Php 88), Chuletas (Php 108), Callos (Php 118), Lengua (Php 118), among others.

I ordered Paella Valenciana - topped with mussel, chicken, shrimp, lemon wedge, chorizo, squid, and peas.

While Francis got the Paella Chorizo, obviously topped with Spanish chorizo and some freshly chopped herbs. They also have Paella Negra that I'm excited to try out the next time I drop by.

Hala Paella is a quick go-to place for some comfort food paella fix with budget-friendly prices. Just don’t expect too much of the topping and taste and you’re good to go.

Hala Paella
Location: Banilad Town Center
Operating Hours: 10 AM - 11 PM
Contact Number(s): (032) 344-4252

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