TahoTally (Cebu, Philippines): Good 'Ole Taho with a Twist

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I was walking around Ayala Center Cebu when I noticed people crowding the Food Boo-Levard Halloween area of the mall. Kids of all ages were clad in their spooktacular outfit running about with their pumpkin of goodies. 

Maybe I could pass as a kid and score a couple of chocolates with my height, eh? I was about to tag along with a group of zombie kids when something caught my eye --- those white tapioca pearls and soft silken tofu in a plastic cup drowning in that sweet black syrup. Oh my TAHO!

When I was younger, we would often wait for Mr. Taho every Saturday morning. Once we hear him shout "Taa-aa-hhoo-oo" at the top of his lungs, my siblings and I would hurriedly run outside with the biggest mug we could find and would gingerly wait for our turn along with the other kids from the subdivision. 

Thank Heavens for Taho Tally

Mr. Taho was a celebrity to us back then so I was surprised to see my favorite taho at the local mall. Waiting time could be a challenge at Taho Tally (I think a lot of people miss their childhood favorite too) but it was definitely worth it. 

What's more, they gave our all time-favorite taho a twist.

Ever heard of Mango Taho and Mango Taho Float? Say whuut? Yes, you heard it right. Only in Taho Tally. 

They also have Strawberry and Coffee Taho. The strawberry one was not that new to me because I first had my fill of Strawberry Taho goodness when I went to Baguio City.

Classic / Mango / Coffee Taho Serving Sizes:
Tall = 30 PHP
Grande = 40 PHP
Venti = 50 PHP

Mango Float / Strawberry Taho:
Tall = 35 PHP
Grande = 45 PHP
Venti = 55 PHP

To sum it up, Taho Tally is a great food cart that offers our good 'ole favorite taho all day long in a fixed corner at a local mall (compared to waiting for Mr Taho in vain every morning). 

The mango taho disappointed me a bit because of the artificial mango syrup overpowering the refreshing taste of the silken tofu; the classic taho was nice. Though I prefer to have my taho served hot, Taho Tally's classic taho is still something I would look for when I need a quick fix to my taho cravings anytime during the day.

Taho Tally
Email: tahotallytaho@gmail.com
Mobile: 0917-3085-832 / 0917-7716-541

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