Legazpi City, Albay: Unveiling the Majestic Mayon Volcano

by - 8:37 AM

Legazpi City in Albay is home to the world's stunning, perfectly-shaped, picture-perfect active volcano -- the Mayon Volcano. This is probably the most photographed volcano in the country and a constant image in every Filipino textbook in school. Growing up, I've always wanted to see this natural beauty in the hopes of witnessing her in all her grandeur (they say, Mt. Mayon doesn't always show her pretty face).

This perfect stunner is seen anywhere in Albay and my friends and I couldn't help but giggle with excitement when we first had a glimpse of her as we looked out of the airplane window. We also couldn't resist posing by the airport tarmac as we got off the plane amidst the gentle urging of the airport authorities to hurry up. Lol. 

Though the volcano was visible everywhere, there are several vantage viewpoints scattered in Albay where you get to see the majestic Mayon Volcano in all her glory. 

One of the best places, I should say, is in Cagsawa Ruins.

Embarcadero also gave us this stunning view of Mayon at sunset.

And you'd see a different side of her on the Lava Trail ATV Adventure.

I could never get over as to how perfectly-shaped Mayon Volcano is. No wonder tourists often flock to the region despite the dangers of it being an active volcano. Wish we could have stayed longer and explored more on what Bicol has to offer. 

I shall return for you, Caramoan.

Lignon Hill also offers a perfect view of Mayon but we weren't able to go there due to time constraints.

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