Top Three Things You Should Know (and Love) About Meximama

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Craving for Mexican Food without burning a hole in your pocket? Fret not Cebuano folks - Meximama is firing 'em up for you, hungry panda! 

Located at The Ridges in Mabolo (and another one in Lapu-Lapu City), this could be the best place to excite your taste buds with some seriously good eats and a great night out with your best buds. 

1. Ambiance and Interiors
Arriving a bit earlier than my friends, I took the opportunity to snap some shots of this well-decorated diner. I have a penchant for everything beautiful so if I had to rate the place for its aesthetics, this one's definitely one of the top contenders for its category.

That probably is Meximama, eh? Mexican interiors are known for bursts of bright colors and cool patterns and mosaics. 

The bar counter. Dining alone? You could sit on one of those bar chairs and watch the chef or bartender prep those amazing stuff up (you could chat with the staff too).

A chandelier made of Corona beer bottles hang on top of the bar counter. Creatively ingenious if you ask me. 

The best seat in the house, yo! When dining out I usually look for the best table - one that has less traffic yet strategically located to observe the crowd. At Meximama, the best seat is where the corner sofa is. 

2. Service
One of the things that really matters to me when dining out is the customer service: Are the staff attentive? Helpful? Courteous and polite? Friendly? You'll find them all in Meximama.

Upon knowing that I will be with my friends, the staff suggested that I move to a bigger table so we'll have more space to eat. I also noticed how they always respond with "You're welcome" every time we say thank you. 

3. Food and Affordability
And now the best part - food! I haven't really exposed myself to Mexican dishes much so it was a pleasant surprise to the palate and to the pocket too dining at Meximama. 

Elotes (95 php) - So good, I swear! I love sweet corn and I love it even more when I had these corny babies at Meximama. What made this extra special were the salsa toppings coupled with some Mexican spices. 

The Honey and Chili Wings (165 php). I got to sample a tiny portion of the wing (my friend ordered this) and it was good. This was by default spicy but you can ask the waiter to tone down the spice a bit like what my friend did. 

Costillas de Cerdo (195 php)- charbroiled baby back ribs, orange barbecue sauce, pickled vegetables, and Mexican rice. I had this and I was really satisfied with my meal. The meat was tender and it comes with a hefty serving of rice. I kinda wish though that it comes with an extra sauce so I can slather the inner bits more.

Chuletas (185 php) - Mexican marinated pork chops, mango jalapeño and pineapple salsa, pickled vegetables and Mexican rice. Just by the looks, you know you've made a great choice. My friend ordered this the second time we went there and she clearly enjoyed it much.

The Ultimate Taco Sampler (255 php) - Can't decide which taco to buy? Why not buy all five? With this, you get to try everything - from sisig, achiote and lime chicken, breaded fish fillet, beef carnitas, etc. 

Four Seasons Punch - Perfect to share with your friends!

And who goes to a Mexican restaurant without trying out the tacos? This is Soft Shell Beef Tacos (135 php)that I ordered to-go for my boyfriend. By the looks of him devouring these tacos, I'm pretty sure they're delectable too.

The food trip doesn't end here, folks! Let's now go to the dessert.

Coconut Creme Brulee (85 php) . I've had better creme brulee in other restaurants (this was too liquidy to my liking) but what sets this apart from others was the twist - it has coconut strips inside.

And of course, the Churros (85 php) . It has two variants - chocolate and leche (milk) - and we ordered the latter. We also tried the chocolate version when we dined again a week after and I liked it better. The chocolate was more on the dark choco side (not too sweet) which was perfect after eating too many yummy food. 

You will never go wrong ordering all these at Meximama. Perfect to cap the night full of chika with friends and tummy filled with food. 

MexiMama Fast Good Mexican Diner
(1) The Ridges, F. Cabahug Street, Cebu City
(2) Marina Mall, Pusok, Lapu-lapu City
Opens from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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