The Ruins, Bacolod: A Tale of Love and Tragedy

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"There's nothing a man can't do for love."

The Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental is one great example of how a man's love and loss could inspire him to immortalize his beloved in one grand concrete edifice similar to the Taj Mahal of India and the Temple of Leah in CebuIt may be an iconic landmark and a popular tourist destination in Negros today but there's more story resounding behind the remaining pillars and walls of the mansion.

Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson was a well-known sugar baron, owner of a 440-hectare plantation in Talisay City, who fell in love with a beautiful Portuguese lady named Maria Braga from Macau. 

Their great love for each other bore them 10 children but on the 11th pregnancy, Maria had an accident which resulted to her untimely demise and that of her child. Overwhelmed with grief and sadness, Don Mariano decided to build a mansion in loving memory of his late wife. 

The expansive mansion was made of high end and expensive materials which explains why it took them three days to burn it down during the height of World War II for fear that the Japanese forces may occupy it. Since then, it was never rebuilt and now has become a living tale of love, power, and tragedy.

What It Is Today

At present, The Ruins has become a popular tourist destination near Bacolod City with hundreds of people coming in during the peak season. 

That's me smiling for the camera on the second floor of the mansion, overlooking the entrance and fountain area below.

Tour guides explain the history of the place at regular intervals. 

We even got the chance to see the tour guide who became popular because of his creative narrative of the history of the place interjected with jokes and witty remarks to the amusement of the crowd.

Though the main activity may be learning the history behind this impressive facade, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of local sugarcane juice at their outdoor cafe.

Fancy having a game of chess?

We even explored the back area of the mansion, way past the parking area, and discovered this huge space with a small lagoon in the middle. We saw quite a handful of people on a date or having picnic while we all watched with awe the majestic sunset beyond.

How to Get There

Via Public Transport:
We got there by riding a jeepney with Bata signage (Php 7.50/person) and then we got off at the North Bus Terminal. We then rode a motorcycle (Php 50.00/person) towards The Ruins.

The Ruins
Address: Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Operating Hours: 8 am to 8 pm
Entrance Fee: Php 95

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