A Letter to My 20-Something Self

by - 8:16 AM

Dear 20-Something Self:

I know you are lost. When you thought that freedom that comes with adulthood allows you to do whatever you want. That having a job makes you rich and that having a boyfriend guarantees a happy-ever-after. That you are invincible and that no one can stop you because you got the world in your hands.

But, no. Being an adult comes with responsibilities. That freedom is still tied with life's harsh reality that you can't do whatever you please. That your job, no matter how well-paying it is, doesn't always equate to richness and that having the means to buy will not always make you happy. No, you are not married yet nor do you have the world in your hands with a big fat wallet in your pocket because the truth is, you are just a face in a sea of other faces.

You are just you.

Just some random person.



You are you with a face. And a name. And stories to tell.

You are so much more than you think you are and that you are more than what other people think of you. So what if you don't have a house, a car, a lucrative job you are passionate about? So what if you don't have a husband and kids you call your own? So what if you are all alone?

Remember that these thoughts are just illusions you've created for yourself on how adulthood and happiness are like. Because the truth is, people don't care. And you shouldn't care too about what other people think.

Extraordinary people don't get made overnight. It took them years of sheer hard work and perseverance to get them to the top so never give up. If you stumble, pick up the broken pieces and rise again. Swallow the pain and gain life lessons from it. Don't forget to dream. Extraordinary people put their "extra" in everything they do; and you should too.

Be appreciative to people, not things. Invest on relationships, not on money. Be at awe; see the beauty. Never cease to wander and wonder. You may be just some random person to some but you are awesome in your own right.

Believing in you,

Your Self

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