Bad Boys Wingz: Where the Badass Wings Are

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Bad Boyz Wingz, chicken wings

There seems to be a sudden surge in the restaurant scene in Cebu for chicken wings. My boyfriend is a huge chicken fan so we are always on the look out for good chicken wings without burning a hole in our pocket. 

We've tried most of the restaurants in the spectrum of good 'ole chicken wings -- the restaurant that sells upscale stuff (expensive wings but really good) and the restaurant that sells unli wings (cheap but not that tasty). I prefer those restaurants in the middle of the scale; those that sell relatively yummy chicken wings at a very good price. One of those hole-in-the-wall is Bad Boys Wingz.

Bad Boyz Wingz, chicken wings, cebu
Bad Boyz Wingz, chicken wings, cebu

Bad Boys Wingz is a tiny restaurant in Banilad, Cebu City. Located right across Bright Academy and a few meters away from big universities like UV and USC, this 20-seater restaurant can get pretty full anytime during the week, more so when classes are in full swing. Well, there's no reason why they do not get full to the brim! This tiny yet tastefully decorated restaurant has a lot of delicious chicken wing flavors under their belt. 

Bad Boyz Wingz, chicken wings, cebu

My personal favorite is their Sriracha Honey Chicken which balances the spice and sweetness really well while my friends love their Suicide Chicken which is really really hot. If you don't like spicy food at all, there are other chicken flavors that may suit your taste like the Honey BBQ chicken wings which we adore too. I kinda wish though that they have more pieces for each serving.

Bad Boyz Wingz, chicken wings, cebu

You can even get a special prize if you do the Suicide Challenge: eat all the Suicide chicken wings within three minutes. The glitch is you need to consume it without drinking water and anything else within the three minute challenge and three minutes afterwards (a total of 6 minutes). This may sound easy but they only have three successful challengers so far displayed on their wall of fame.

Aside from the chicken wings, they also serve appetizers, ribs, and desserts. 

Gov M Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City (Across Bright Academy)

Store Hours: 09255027874
Phone Number: 10:30 am - 2 pm, 5:30 pm - 10 pm
Facebook (page
They also deliver via FoodPanda

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