Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Loving UBER

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Running late but got no ride during peak hours? Hate getting stuck in traffic with all the sweat and car exhaust that riding a public utility vehicle entails? Or perhaps you're longing for a comfortable and relaxing ride on your way home after a busy day at work?

Worry no more, fellow Cebuano commuters! 

Uber is here to meet our transportation woes at the time we need it the most. With Cebu's traffic getting worse with each passing day (and rain), Uber came at the right time to help augment the need for safer, more reliable, and more comfortable transportation option in the metro.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I am loving Uber and why I recommend it to you too:

1.   Hassle free and convenient
By downloading the app, I am just a few taps away from booking a car to help me get to my destination. What's more, the map is fairly accurate and it loads faster than with the other transportation apps in the market. I also have the ability to see the name and contact number of the driver as well as the car's plate number making it easy for me to call them if I need to.

Got no cash for a cab? Take a ride on a cashless basis with Uber by linking your credit card! 

When Uber was launched locally, it only had the credit card as its payment option which was probably one of the reasons why most people shied away from using the app. Currently in Cebu, we now have both the credit card and the cash options which is great because you can just switch anytime between the two depending on your preference and need. In other countries, they can even link their PayPal to their Uber account. 

2.  Getting denied all the time? Not in Uber
This is the best selling point of Uber for me. In other transportation apps, drivers often decline your request if your destination is too far or too traffic for their fancy. Some cabs even ask for a fixed rate or ask a bit more than what's on the meter. In Uber, drivers wouldn't know where your drop off place is until they are right there at your pick up place. Nice!

3.  Uber drivers are generally nice and polite

With the Uber rides I had in Cebu, most of them own the car they are driving which makes them extra careful while on the road. Aside from that, I also got the chance to converse with them and learn new things too. That really goes a long way especially when you're stuck in traffic and if you're hungry. haha!

4.  Really safe
I've taken so many Uber rides here in the Philippines and in India and I could vouch that it's relatively safer than the other means of public transportation. There was one incident in India though when the driver was looking at us maliciously on his rear view mirror (maybe because he was amused to see three foreign girls talking gibberish) but other than that, I don't think that one rotten apple ruined the entire barrel. The other rides I had were safe and stress free!

What's wonderful with Uber is that it also has a feature that allows you to send your trip details to your family or friends so that they would know the driver's details and the status of your trip real time.

5.   You can get a free ride on your first try
Yes, you can! Just use this voucher to enjoy one free Uber ride (only applicable to first time users).

The only down side to Uber for me is how they jack the price up on peak hours and when it's raining. They do this to balance supply and demand. The price surge may range anywhere between 1.2 to 5 times the usual rate. 

The good thing is Uber gives you the option to accept the ride and let the surge pass or better yet split the fare with someone else. I personally don't mind the surge especially when I'm in a hurry to go somewhere or when it's raining hard and cabs are hard to come by. Better have a ride than to have nothing at all.

What about you? Is Uber in Cebu yay or nay?

To get one free Uber ride on your first try, just use this promo code: ubereulapanda 

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