Going Extreme in Alegria-Badian Cebu Canyoneering

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Wanna do something crazy? 

Wanna jump from a waterfall not only once but a couple of times more?

Test your endurance and stamina by heading out to the boulders and waters of Alegria-Badian, two adjacent towns located in Cebu, and experience a thrill that keeps you on coming back for more!

The first jump.
We probably spent more than 30 minutes here trying not to be lil chickens! LOL
For those who may not know what canyoneering or canyoning is, it is actually a sport of exploring canyons -- ravines or cliffs formed over the years by the erosive power of a river -- that also involves activities like rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. 

Not for the faint-hearted, huh? Read on to know more of Kawasan Canyoneering.

10 Things You Need to Know About 
Alegria-Badian Canyoneering

1 -   Starts in Alegria, Ends in Badian
Alegria and Badian are two southwest towns in Cebu located next to each other. Badian is known for Kawasan Falls and the canyoneering activity actually traces the waters flowing to the infamous Kawasan from Alegria's Kanlaob and Badian's Matutinao rivers.

The inviting waters of the river. Another jump coming right up!
2 -  Commute from Cebu City to Alegria or Badian

Head over to the South Bus Terminal and catch the Bato-via-Barili bus which passes by Badian first and then Alegria. Bus trips start as early as 4 am, with a 30 minute interval, until 6 pm. Fare may range anywhere between 120 - 130 php depending on where your meetup place is with your tour operator. From the highway, habal-habal (motorcycles) are available to bring you to where the action begins.

The motorcycle ride towards the jump off point of the canyoneering activity - an adventure in itself!
3 -   Guides are a Must

You can't do the canyoneering activity on your own no matter how strong of a swimmer and a daredevil you are so it's best to go with an outfitter that's reliable and trusted. There are lots of tour agencies online, just make sure to read reviews and forums to choose the best one. The guide we got was a friend of a friend and he partnered with a local in the area since we were a pretty big group. Canyoneering costs may range anywhere between Php 1,000 to Php 1,500 -- some offer it with meals, some don't -- so choose wisely.

Aside from the guides leading the way and making sure everyone is safe; they also serve as first aid responders, photographers, and encouragers when you're too scared too jump. They also show you shortcuts when you're really too scared or too tired already (hint, hint!)

List of Accredited Tour Operators for Alegria-Badian (Kawasan) Canyoneering:
Lots of beautiful photo ops along the way!
4 -  Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

Being in the outdoors subjects you to different elements in just a blink of an eye. Nature is unpredictable - it's a given; so better prepare yourself by wearing the right clothes and the right footwear not only for the sake of fashion but also for safety and comfort. It's better to wear something that's light and fast-drying so you don't have to worry about lugging around your dripping clothes. Wearing aqua shoes or slippers with straps is the way to go especially since you'll be jumping from a waterfall several times. Believe me, you don't want to be that guy left walking barefoot at the end of the trip.

Rental of safety gears is already part of the package being offered by most tour operators. Our guide is affiliated with PacGear that's why we got to use them during the trip. For the dry bag though, we brought it ourselves so we didn't have to shell out additional dough for dry bag rental.
5 -  Bring Waterproof Gadgets or a Dry Bag

It's nice to document your adventure through videos and photographs but better make sure your gadgets are waterproof and are made for the outdoors. You can also bring a dry bag with you to safeguard your gadgets, IDs, and money while you're out in the water.

Not only do you  jump, swim, and trek, you also need to squeeze in between rocks. No sweat for EulaPanda! haha
6 -  Check the Weather

Before heading out, make sure to check the local weather especially during the rainy season. Better be safe by putting it off to another day if the weather's pretty bad and the river current is too strong. The local government normally suspends canyoneering too in stormy weather.
The water that traverse the two rivers is generally clear with a dreamy shade of blue. According to our guide, the water may turn murky following a rain and fallen leaves and branches clutter the area.
7 -  Bring a Bottle of Water, Energy Bars, or Candies 

Yes! You need food, dude. Badian canyoneering may sound easy peazy and I initially thought I wouldn't get hungry (it's a 3 hour activity, at the very least) but lo and behold! My lil tummy is already growling for food (not a surprise there though, haha). Good thing my friend brought some candies to munch on. 

The orange gremlins having fun. That's just half of our group, by the way.
Lately though they say, barbeque and food stalls magically appear out of nowhere midway of the adventure towards Kawasan falls. Not a good thing, if you ask me, as this is a sign that the canyoneering activity is getting too commercialized and people may just throw their trash anywhere. 

And another crazy jump by my friends!
8 -  Be a Responsible Adventurer, Respect Mother Nature

Hey, just because you can eat and buy food during the course of the trip, you can just throw your trash anywhere. Nope! Respect begets respect, guys. Dispose off your trash properly and Mother Nature will take care of us too. Hint: The life jackets we got have zippered bags stitched to it which we used as our temporary waste receptacle.

On and on we go! Getting lazy walking? Just wade through the water - definitely more fun.
9 - Respect Other People and the Local Canyoneering Regulations Too

When we went Canyoneering in early 2015, there were just us and another group composed of 2 foreigners tailing us (who eventually overtook our group) so we basically were able to enjoy the beauty of nature all by ourselves.

Isn't it beautiful? We stop from time to time not only to rest but also to marvel at nature's beauty.
However, this may not be take case as the months went by as there were just too many tour operators and too many tourists wading the waters at the same time. A friend, who went on this trip early 2016, mentioned that there were just too many people that time and she felt the guide was rushing them to finish the course.

This area is a potential bottle neck during peak season. Adventurers have to go on a single file to pass through.
The Kawasan Canyoneering operation was recently reinstated in September 2016 following a two month suspension by the local government to give time for training local guides and operators as well as putting up new guidelines for the said activity.

Getting ready for the last jump of our crazy adventure! Well, not really. I chickened out guys. Got scared jumping in between narrow boulders. Hehe
The new guidelines are as follows:
  • Php 1,500 rate for a group of 5 guests (inclusive of two tour guides)
  • Guests are required to book with Alegria Tourism Office one week before their preferred schedule
  • 50% downpayment is required. Non refundable but may be rescheduled.
  • Only 75 guests are allowed from Tuesday to Friday
  • Only 150 guests during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays
  • More guests may be allowed based on the barangay captain's discretion
  • Kanlaob River is closed on Mondays 
  • Only accredited tour operators and trained tour guides are allowed
Alergia Tourism Office
Alegria Heritage Park, Poblacion, Alegria, Cebu
(032) 478-7093

My friends getting ready for another jump!
Here's another photo of the final jump. That's probably more than 15 feet, eh?
10 -  Enjoy!

Last but not the least, enjoy! Stay safe yet have loads of fun, you guys! :)

Aaahhh.. finally! The majestic Kawasan Falls! 
The activity ends up in Kawasan where you can enjoy a good meal after an exhausting yet fun canyoneering activity. Kawasan Falls is a destination in itself so if you feel like you're not fit for the crazy adventure that is canyoneering, you can just stay here and chill while your friends are out there.

Another alternative to make the most out of your Southern Cebu escapade is to head over to Badian or Moalboal and spend a night there or two.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

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