The Five-Tier Aguinid Falls in Cebu, Philippines

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Have you ever thought of scaling waterfalls? 

Sounds like an adventure, right?

Still fresh from swimming with the whale sharks in the salty waters of Oslob, we headed towards Samboan, another southern town in Cebu, to experience firsthand the beauty of Aguinid Falls.

How to get There

If you're coming from Cebu City, just take a Bato-via-Barili bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal to Samboan and it will drop you off at the corner to the falls. If you're bringing along a car, a parking area is available in the covered court close to the main highway.

Since we came from Oslob, we just charted a private pickup to bring the entire gang to Samboan. An alternative would be taking the bus towards Santander (southernmost town of Cebu) and then taking a trike or a bus towards Samboan.

The inviting waters of Aguinid Falls.

What to Expect

After a short walk from the main highway to the entrance of the falls, two ladies asked us to pay a 20 php entrance fee. After which, they then called two people to serve as our guides for the day. The entrance fee didn't cover the guide fee yet though so it pays to be extra generous to the guides.

There are dozens of stalls selling souvenir items like shirts, shorts, key chains, and ref magnets by the entrance. They are also selling food and other goodies you can munch on if you're hungry. Got no waterproof case for your phone? No problem, they got them.

A little walk from the pop-up stores were cottages where people chill to sleep and dine. Eating in and near the falls are prohibited thus this allotted area. The place may get crowded during weekends and holidays so it's always best to have someone who could guard over your stuff while you're having fun in the water.

The whole gang trying to find our way through one of the fall's levels.
Wear lightweight, fast drying clothes and if you have aqua shoes or slippers with straps, the better. Since this activity calls for climbing waterfalls per se, it's also better to have your own dry bag to waterproof your stuff and to bring along important things (such as money) and gadgets with you.

We definitely enjoyed the water! Guess where we passed through to get to the top of this level?
Be prepared to get wet. I initially thought we'd just have to go from one level to another by following a set trail at the side of the falls. It started off with just having to pass by a bridge made of bamboo, then tiptoeing our way through rocks, to treading across shallow waters, to literally crawling our way up a steep rock - which is the actual falls, by the way! I know, it was a surprise but definitely one that we enjoyed so much.

This photo was taken by our guide from the top of the waterfalls. How did she get there?
Guides are there for a reason so it's a must that you listen to them when they tell you where to step or where not to jump. Don't be that reckless adventurer who goes home with a cast around his leg! Not only do you listen to them but be generous too. It pays to help the local community while having fun.

Yup! Climbing the side of the falls like a ninja!
Enjoy! :)

Cost Breakdown

Bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Samboan = Php 175/pax
Entrance Fee = Php 20
Guide Fee (depends on how much you're willing to give)    
Super fun!
Aguinid Falls
Samboan, Cebu

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