Cloud 9 in Siargao

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Cloud 9, Siargao - Cloud 9 is one of the most, if not, the most popular surfing spot in the country located in the Municipality of General Luna in Siargao island. Often dubbed as "The Surfing Capital of the Philippines," this unassuming surfer's haven rose to popularity when it got featured in an international surfing magazine in 1993 for its barrel waves and dirt-cheap restaurants and accommodations. 

It was cold...

I felt the wind's coldness as it swept away the strands of hair from my face. Everything was quiet, calm, and comforting, that type of tranquility I wouldn't find in the city -- no cars honking, no people chatting, no building construction going on. 

It was dark...

It was that time when the light and darkness were still battling each other as to who would win the morning but we all know by now that the light always wins, just like how the good always triumphs over the evil.

It was quiet

And for a moment I thought I was in some place else when I heard the rooster crow from a distance as it signaled the start of a new day but no, as I slowly walked farther, I could hear the waves come tumbling down one after the other as it crashed against the rocks. 

The sound of the waves rolling and crashing became louder now, almost to the point of deafening, the saltiness of the air filling my lungs, and from a distance I could slowly make out the silhouette of the boardwalk, the only towering structure I could see in the midst of the sea as the sun majestically engulfed the darkness.

And then you hugged me.

Just like that.

I was in Cloud 9

I was in Siargao.

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