Who is EulaPanda?

Hello, I’m Eula!

I’m a twenty-something lass from a very beautiful country, the Philippines. I don’t really have anything substantial to say in this “About Me” page as I am still trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose is. This blog, however, was created for me to express my thoughts, passions, and creativity that otherwise would have remained locked up as I am shy and reserved in nature.

A couple of years back, I stumbled upon one of my college write-ups about our hopes and dreams in life; what we want to become. I was expecting it to be full of nonsense stuff but what I found instead was the most honest teen version of me could have answered - to raise a wonderful family, to travel the world, and to become a chef.

No, I’m not married yet nor do I have the luxury to travel the world and get myself a diploma in culinary arts.. But somehow these dreams I’ve written down years ago are the things that inspire me to get going now that I’m a bit older.

TRAVEL. There is something in me that wants to explore those places that I’ve only read about in books or have seen pictures of in the internet. A wanderlust by heart, you would often see me browsing interesting places to immerse in, planning the itinerary for the next adventure, or patiently waiting for the next seat sale. There are so many places I want to visit and countless adventures to try and I’m taking this dream one step at a time. As they say, love your country first before you learn to love other countries and their culture.

COOKING. I’ve always wanted to become a chef when I was younger maybe because of the chef’s uniform and the toque. LOL. Well, partly yes, but more for the reason that when you know how to cook, you can make other people happy too. I started out as an assistant at home - chopping vegetables, washing the pans, and other dirty stuff - until I leveled up and was trusted enough to cook the family meal. I would often base my culinary adventures from recipes I found online like those in blogs and in youtube or by asking Mom and Dad of their culinary secrets. When I started working and was able to save enough money, I enrolled myself in a three-month course on the Fundamentals of the Culinary Arts. There, I fell in love with the uniform (again) and the kitchen so I want to share this passion with you on this blog. I am no expert. It’s just that I love and enjoy cooking so much that I want to share it with you.

LIFE AND LOVE. A life full of love and happiness is worth sharing. I’ve been really blessed to have a very loving and supportive family, boyfriend, relatives, and friends and their love for me is what keeps me going. I may stumble and fall but they are always there to help me up. I believe that lessons on life and love may not always come from the people you know and care about but they may also come from a book, an experience, or from a stranger you would often pass by on the streets.

I am hoping to feature random people, experiences and thoughts whom we never thought we could learn valuable lessons from. I hope this blog could help change the world no matter how tiny the effect may be.

Join me on my adventures in life and self-discovery.

EulaPanda :)